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Our Business Model

Our business model reflects our commitment to eliminating conflicts of interest and working with an advisor you can trust 100%. The only compensation Wealth & Business Management LAB receives comes directly from our clients, no other source. We do not receive commissions or referral fees. Our services are charged on a fixed fee arrangement based on the client’s complexity and not calculated based upon a client’s total net worth.

Why a Fixed Fee?

Why does the fee arrangement matter? Objective, high quality, and truly comprehensive advice can only be expected if that is exactly what an advisor is paid to provide. If an advisor’s compensation is dependent on a client purchasing a specific product (an insurance policy for instance), or using a particular investment, a significant conflict of interest occurs whenever a different allocation of capital would be in the client’s best interest.

Our Advisors

Our advisors assess a client’s overall situation and recommend the best course of action to meet the client’s individual objectives, whatever financial decisions that may involve. We then take ownership of the advice given and help execute all recommendations. Our goal is to deliver maximum value with complete transparency, and to exceed the fiduciary standard of care.