Small Business Big Life for Women

Small Business Big Life for Women

Women are opening and running more small businesses than ever before. Yet they’re getting caught in the age-old trap of believing they have to choose between family life and financial success—while putting themselves last when it comes to time, care, and attention.

Small business and personal finance expert Louis Barajas believes that the true purpose of a business should be to give you more life, not less. He has written Small Business, Big Life for Women in collaboration with his wife and business partner, Angie Barajas, and a select group of female entrepreneurs to address the specific issues and advantages that women experience in small business. They will share with you the seven surprising secrets of entrepreneurship inside the pages of this book.

Small Business, Big Life for Women will show you how to design a business that will let you create what really matters: a great life with money, time, energy, and health to share with the people you love.


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What Women Are Saying About
 Small Business, Big Life for Women…

“When I was given the book to read for a testimonial, my initial reaction was, “this looks great…but I’m too busy to read a book right now.” Thinking I would skim the pages, I came upon this sentence “The true purpose of a business should be to give you more life. Business should be part of a fulfilling life, but not the only part.” They got me there. This wonderful book is filled with wisdom, insight and guidance to live a happier, more fulfilled and balanced life. Make the time…it will be well worth your while.”
-Patricia San Pedro: Owner of San Pedro Productions, and Founder of Link of Hope & Healing

“Whether you already have a small business or are thinking about starting one, this book is a must read. I wish it had been written when I started my own enterprise two decades ago. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and heartaches.”
-Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.: Author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It

“Small Business, Big Life for Women is a provocative journey for women who are considering owning a business. It challenges them on a personal, spiritual, and business level. Women tend to doubt their capabilities despite their multi-management life skills. This book encourages women to define their strengths and own their desires so they can pursue their dreams. The book has the wisdom my parents taught me 45 years ago yet presents the current challenges of today’s market. I personally found the book a very realistic and insightful view of owning a small business. It’s a must read.”
-Margarita Avila: Owner of Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant

“Anyone who is thinking of starting a business, or wants to expand the one she has, needs to read this book. Louis and Angie Barajas use their own experiences and those of their clients to offer smart, real-world advice. The book offers a helpful blend of myth-busting facts, actionable ideas, and encouragement to entrepreneurs.”
-Liz Weston: Author of The 10 Commandments of Money and Your Credit Score

“My husband and I have owned a small business for many years. When times are tough, owning a business can be very challenging, and sometimes downright discouraging. Your book was a great boost to my spirits during this time of financial uncertainty. Reading and doing the exercises took me back to where we started and why we exist as a company. The clarity and fresh perspective truly energized me and renewed the passion I have for my business. It is obvious that you and Angie truly understand the small business ownership experience, and I highly recommend this book to any woman or family who owns a business.”
-Yasmin Wurts Metivier: President, Panoltia, Inc.

“Any woman can start her own business – and be successful at it – if she has the right elements in place. Small Business, Big Life for Women, lays out everything you need to know to establish and build not just a business but also a business that supports your passions, purpose, and most important life goals. I wish this book had been around when I started my PR and Marketing firm in 1993 – it would have made the journey so much easier!”
-Marie Swift: President & CEO, Impact Communications, Inc.

“Finally, the cat’s out of the bag! Passion sells—and the 7 Secrets revealed in Small Business, Big Life for Women will help any woman gain valuable insight into how to create and run a successful business. Forget the hobbies. Louis and Angie Barajas show you how to move from just thinking about owning a business to actually designing the blueprint, creating a dream team—and making money!”
-Sally Cannon: Owner, Cannon Academy of Money, LLC